Financial Times Ranking 2017

ISB's Financial Times MBA 2017 Global Ranking.
The recent news of FT (Financial Times) MBA 2017 global rankings was the bearer of glad tidings for the Indian School of Business (ISB). According to the prestigious rankings, ISB is 27th among the top 100 global MBA institutions.
The fact that ISB is the highest ranked and the youngest Indian business school, ahead of its other three illustrious contenders that figure in the top 100 list, is an added stimulant. The presence of an increased number of Indian management schools in the top 100, over the last year's list speaks of the strong strides taken by good quality management education in our country.
In each of the last four rankings ISB has moved up by a few notches, a trend that will warm the cockles of the hearts closely connected with the School. This inspiring trend is a vital indicator of the School's progress in the right direction.
A quick glance at the data reveals that the School continues to rank quite high in alumni recommendations and is among the top three schools globally in terms of percentage salary increase―in fact, it's ranked at the top on this dimension amongst the top 30 schools.
An area where the School has broken fresh ground is in the PhD graduates numbers, with two of the students making the cut this year―both placed at leading universities in Europe. Greater improvement can be expected in these numbers in the future. The research ranking, however, continues to be almost at the same level as last year.
The school's ranking is based on its famed PGP programme which is much larger than the ranked PGPX/XPGP programmes for the other Indian schools. Hence, the programme ranking goes hand-in-hand with a scale approximately 20 times larger than competitive schools and, therefore, has a correspondingly greater impact on management practice across the world. It also means that ISB's alumni base is increasing at a much more rapid rate―particularly at the senior management level―and will enhance the School's external impact. Its alumni community continues to provide a strong pool of global leaders that contributes significantly to propel the institution to greater heights. 
To be a benchmark and to be among the most sought-after in the world requires strengthening of the existing portfolio, re-positioning and preeminence in thought-leadership, among other things. The drive and persistence to back its aspirations has the great support of the School's alumni, who have ensured the flag of ISB continues to fly high, through their high commitment of giving back to their alma mater.
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About the writer:
This article has been written by Vineet Bhatt, Content Lead at Indian School of Business.