ISB in Media

November 2016- January 2017

Interviews with the Deans

  • Dean Srivastava talks about how Indian management education is bracing itself to address the global VUCA phenomenon (Volatility, Uncertainty, Change and Ambiguity). Reads his article in the Business World
  • Professor Dishan Kamdar, Deputy Dean ( Academic Programmes ) talks to LinkedIn about what makes ISB unique and what the school wants to achieve. He says, ‘’our students are well ahead in terms of relevance. I am stressing on relevance because that is how you can win in today’s age of cut-throat competition’’. He further says, ‘’We want to continue to do what we have been doing right for years – delivering high quality education and conducting cutting edge research.We want to shape leaders at ISB.” Read his interview here LinkedIn.
Faculty authored articles

  • Advances in machine learning and analysis of big data provide several opportunities that the government can use to catch money launderers says Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian urging the Govt to use data mining to root out money laundering. Read the complete article in The Economic Times.
  • Demonetization represents a possible shift in Indian politics; from ‘vote buying’ to ‘clientelism’ and presents an important lesson for political parties. To know how, read Professor Krishnamurthy V. Subramanian's article in The Economic Times.  
  • Professor Arun Pereira writes an article on the importance on focusing on customer journeys rather than customer transactions, and that "there are no traffic jams in the extra mile you go for the customer".  Read the article in  the Mint today.
  • Professor Kavil Ramachandran writes about the developments in the Tata group. He asks, did the 'passion' of the business leader get in the way of institutional objectivity and decision-making at the Tata group? Read the article in the Business Standard.
  • Professor Shashwat Alok, Prasanna L Tantri and Yakshup Chopra of CAF argue on the efficiency of MGNREGA programme ahead of union budget. Through their research and facts they point out that it is important to not just to focus on allocation but also on programme design. Read more at Times of India.
Alumni authored articles around the Budget:

  • If India wishes to achieve self-reliance in defence, we need to adopt a two pronged strategy of enabling cutting edge research by SMEs and boosting defence exports suggests Rajiv Bhargava , PGP alumnus and Associate Director, Munjal Institute. Read his views here Business Today
  • Vaijayantimala Belsare, PGPMAX alumnus says the most important task of the Finance Minister in the 2017-18 budget is to tame the "Indirect Transfer Provisions" monster. Read her views in Business Today
  • Pranav Kumar, PGPMAX alumnus  says a pro- economy wave is expected in Budget 2017. Read his views in the Business Today
  • PGPMAX alumnus Vaijayantimala S Belsare writes an article on Demonetisation and how effective is it in removing corruption and reducing black money. Read what she says at First Post
Important Events

  • ISB Envision - The Indian School of Business (ISB) in association with the US Consulate General, Hyderabad announces the launch of ‘ISB Envision’, a nation-wide accelerator programme to identify promising start-ups that are leading the charge on innovation and excellence and support entrepreneurs from ISB. Read Here - Business Standard.