Business Storytelling

In January 2007, Steve Jobs completely captivated his audience with his iconic iPhone launch keynote presentation in San Francisco, USA. He continued to do so with every presentation. The key to his success was business storytelling.

We know stories are engaging — we tell them informally and people listen. They “get” what we are saying and they remember it. When we tell a story well, it can create an intense, personal connection between our audience and our message. Effective stories can change our opinions; they can inspire us to achieve goals previously thought impossible, and they can show us how we can impact things for the better.

So why is it that so few of us seem to be able to systematically harness the natural power of stories in business? Perhaps this is because many have bought into the myth that storytelling is an art, whereas in reality it is a science. Our brains are wired around stories. Each one of us can become a great storyteller. But how?

During Equinox (September 21-23, 2018), at the Mohali Campus of ISB, the Human Capital SIG is conducting a workshop that will provide you with the scientific framework of business storytelling. Irrespective of whether you are a current student, an alumnus, faculty, or staff of ISB, the workshop will enable you to experience the power of stories and while learning to tell them, develop the ability to impact and drive action in both personal and professional spaces. Stay tuned to Equinox communications for more details.


About the author:
This article has been written by R Ramkumar, alumnus from PGP Co '06, Moderator of the Alumni Human Capital Special Interest Group(SIG) & works with The Institute of Leadership Learning and Transformation (