on campus

Hyderabad Campus:

April 14 was the beginning of the #51weeksoftransformation for Co’19, and true to tradition, it kicked off with a big bang! From being “welcomed” by the newly minted alums to them putting up some crazy performances (read dancing to Bom-Diggy), to Section Wars, Treasure Hunt, getting frightened by HCC, and finally, falling prey to what was possibly the best GSB Elections prank, O-Week gave us a glimpse of the giant rollercoaster that this year was going to be.

Just when everyone thought the gruelling O-Week was finally over, the seemingly unfathomable world of Accounting, Marketing, Economics and Statistics took over. Thankfully, the Standup SIG took it upon itself to provide some well-deserved moments of laughter.

The GSB Elections brought out some amazing talent; however, what stole the show was the Dance Club election, with the maximum number of candidates for the Club President position. The campus was literally bubbling with the combined energy of Bollywood, Hip-Hop and Salsa workshops. The Retail and E-Commerce club sessions won rave reviews for getting some phenomenal in-house speakers to explain the finer points of Myntra's supply chain and Zomato's food-tech.

While Rhymes and Roses, an open mic event by the Literature and Poetry SIG left us awestruck by the talent in our midst, new initiatives such as Education Ninjas, Wing Chun workshops, and the 30-Day Abs Challenge kept everyone on their toes (quite literally).

The Radio Club comforted everyone not only by bringing GSB Soapbox to people’s rooms but also by making the stressful nights before the exams a little more bearable.

Term 1 ended with Section parties and a lot of memories. The only solace in all this madness is that there’s so much more in store. Cheers!

Mohali Campus:

From O-week craziness to Markstrat madness, the year of transformation is in full swing at the Mohali campus! Sleepless nights and breaking into flash mobs — it's all happening!

Even after their fantastic farewell, 2018 was back, 23 strong, to guide us further in achieving our PDP goals. From Chai par Charcha to FLUB parties, we bonded with them as peers do.

Our alums left their footprint on ISB's stage, and now it is our time to do the same. The real GSB elections gave us the foundation on which to build and make our own mark. Our GSB and Club presidents brought out our leaders and our hunger for positions — there were 85 applications for 35 posts! SIG ideas with far ranging topics began, including general management, LGBT, culture and international languages, to name just a few. We got our first taste of networking with high fliers such as Amitabh Kant on NITI Aayog and CXO-level alums from four FMCG companies.

Then came Johnson & Johnson and Ok Cupid and thus began the ELP fever. The #HumFitTohIndiaFit challenge united the campus. Basketball, football, zumba, swimming — you name it — we really are an active lot!

Trying to forget our Stats marks, we went full Punjabi with two Bollywood dance workshops, and our Music President Mr. Pjyama Pianist serenaded away our doubts. CP came alive in the ad viewing session conducted by the marketing club, followed by a head scratching test courtesy of the quiz club. Term 1 closed with disastrous papers (...ahem eco) and memorable section parties. We can't wait to see what we do in the next one!