Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at ISB - Partnering to Cultivate Innovation


Nestled in the boulder strewn and skyscraper-speckled landscape of Hyderabad’s IT suburb, the Indian School of Business has continually strived to make a mark on its immediate environment and the larger economic ecosystem. ISB is doing its part to catalyse local and national growth and innovation and help Telangana live up to its potential as a global nerve centre for entrepreneurial vitality and industry-relevant knowledge creation. The government of Telangana is its natural and foremost ally in this endeavour.
The School’s Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) has played an instrumental role in a number of initiatives in collaboration with the state government as well as other entities with complementary resources and aligned goals. The Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP), T-Hub, and the Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH) are among these initiatives.


In July 2014, ISB launched the TEP to encourage engineering students to consider technology entrepreneurship as a viable career option and enable a culture of entrepreneurship in the region. In association with the governments of Telangana  and Andhra Pradesh, the TEP seeks to embed entrepreneurship education in engineering disciplines, linking entrepreneurial and innovative behaviour to educational and career pathways. The programme also seeks to guide budding engineers in developing and launching business ventures, thereby driving the creation of investable technology-based start-ups.

ISB faculty are playing an important role in training the faculty of the participating engineering colleges. From an enrolment figure of 700 high-performing students in 2014, the number of students trained through the TEP has grown significantly, reaching 1,500 annually. From 14 colleges at the outset, over 35 colleges are associated with the programme today.
The Telangana government, in partnership with ISB and other academic partners, set up the T-Hub, one of the largest incubator in the world. Its physical infrastructure, a 70,000 sq. ft. building called CatalysT, is intended as a vibrant laboratory, network hub, and repository of resources for entrepreneurs (it is currently in a phase of further expansion). CIE also provided strategic inputs, helping to shape and resource the T-Hub's programme offerings.

The multi-stakeholder RICH comprises 30 leading academic institutions in the region, coalescing around the strategic goal of nurturing and institutionalising innovation mechanisms and optimising inter-institutional collaboration and research potential towards this end. It works to identify and incubate IP from research and enable the quick commercialisation of industry-relevant innovations in multiple fields, serving the larger purpose of stimulating economic growth and development. One of the components of RICH is a Research to Market Fund, which assigns growth capital and risk capital. RICH is headed by the former dean of ISB, Ajit Rangnekar. CIE also played a pivotal role in its creation, in that the Centre was responsible for drafting the concept note based upon which the entity was founded by the state government in 2016.