Evaluating the ‘Archi-Tech’ Business Models

Evaluating the ‘Archi-Tech’ Business Models

$100m plus raised within just last six months across multiple deals and stages

In last six months, the online interior design space or the InteriorTech space (B2C) has seen a flurry of blockbuster deals like Livspace, Designcafe and Homelane of $70m, $29m & $4.5m respectively. This was followed by closure of the $4.2m round by FOYR, which is its B2B version in the architecture tech industry or ‘ArchiTech’ industry as I would like to call it. It serves the real estate industry, international property consultants (IPCs), like Savills, Knighfrank, Cushman & Wakefield, and architectural firms. The space has also attracted strategic investments from marquee IPCs like JLL. This marks the coming of age of the InteriorTech and ArchiTech industries, traditionally known to be infamous for their extremely low technology adoption.

Let’s take a closer look at the B2B segment of this industry, which is about to take-off like its B2C cousin viz. InteriorTech. The 3D Modeling & Visualization product/service is the most extensively used category across multiple industries for getting the detailed schematics of the designs and products. The market is expected to reach $4 billion by 2025.


So, what exactly is a 3D Modelling & Visualization in architecture design? To understand this, one has to understand the various stages in architectural design. To know  more, read the full article here.

The article has been written by Neel Vora, alumnus from PGP Co 06 and member of Finance Special Interest Group (SIG) at ISB.