SIGnificant Journey

SIGnificant Journey
Segregated by industry, these groups are designed to help alumni from a particular function or industry network, learn and exchange knowledge. The groups thus far include - Technology SIG, Entrepreneur/ Startup SIG, Healthcare SIG, FAB Network, Finance SIG, ISB for Good SIG, Human Capital SIG, Manufacturing & Operations SIG, Public Policy SIG, Real Estate & Infrastructure SIG and Business Analytics SIG.
The Finance SIG  hosted an on-ground event in Mumbai on ‘Monetizing the New India Opportunity’. The keynote speaker was ISB Professor DVR Sheshadri with other esteemed panellists like Manish Taneja, Founder – Purplle, Abhishek Tiwari, Founder – Velociti, Jasmeet Thind, Founder – Coutloot, Amit Chowdhary, Founder – Dawaa Dost and was moderated by Rajeev Dhal, VP – ShareIt .
Besides furthering commercial interests and career development, the SIGs serve altruistic causes as well. ISB for Good had organised a mixer event in Bangalore in the month of October 2019.
Finance and Start up SIG collaborated to host a webinar with Ashish Kashyap (Founder Founder - INDwealth and Founder & X-Ceo of IBIBO Group) in May 2019. The webinar focussed on Fintech, payments, Travel, E-commerce, social media, network effects and  customer acquisition to name a few.  Manufacturing & Operations SIG planned its first event for the year with Supply chain expert - Prashant Sanghvi, MD , Accenture Strategy .
Last, but not the least, the biggest ‘Learn & Connect’ event for alumni -  EQUINOX will be held from September 6-8 , 2019 at Mohali Campus. The three day event with interactive workshops and networking events has active participation from SIG moderators and members.
We invite you to be a part of this event,learn,  re-connect with fellow alumni and re-live ISB days.
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