Equinox 2017 - Learn & Connect

Equinox 2017 - Learn & Connect


Five Year Reunion - PGP Co 2013

Equinox is always a much anticipated opportunity to celebrate the strong bond that keeps our alumni knitted together as a family. This year was indeed special, as it was the first time that we celebrated the Five Year reunion with the Class of 2013 at Mohali Campus. The first class to graduate from the Mohali campus - PGP Co '13 attended this event with those who graduated from Hyderabad campus too. The campus was full of life and vibrancy with colourful decor and lights adding just the right amount of sparkle to welcome our alumni.

The weekend of September 8-10, 2017 lived up to expectations of Equinox as the biggest learn and connect event for alumni and students on campus. This year saw a a record-high number of learn and connect events , from learning workshops on leadership development and short video making to fun, activity-based workshops on mixology and dance, and entertainment ranging from stand-up comedy to flash mobs and a live band. The atmosphere on campus was electric. Along with the formal networking setup of the workshops, there were many informal sessions and meetings between various clubs, alumni and students across campus. The ISB Angels also had a brainstorming session led by Aruna Reddy, who heads D Labs, and Vineet Jawa, Founder, Gaboli, Class of 2005.

On Friday, September 8, as the sun began to set, the Class of 2018 kicked off the festivities with a flashmob to welcome alumni. They also offered to host alumni at their quads and studios so they would have more time to connect.  Lively music and dance club performances and a continental dinner made it a truly memorable evening.

Saturday, September 9, was a busy, event-filled day, starting with a morning wellness workshop in the "Zen Garden" for the early birds. This was followed by a "Rock n Roll" dancing session, just the thing to gear everyone up for a long and engaging day. 

The first workshop of the day was a very intriguing video making class by Didi Schoeman, Founder and Managing Director, ProAfrica TV  and Director, MCC for Class of 2018, who shared some tricks and insights on shooting a classy video.

The 'Back to the School ' session  welcoming back the Class of 2013 was full of fun and nostalgia. It was a class on 'Strategic Strategy', on a UFO invasion with  80% class participation points. Amidst much laughter, the "Arbit CP" king was given special points and everyone picked the strategic super power that they wanted to possess. The session ended with the class cutting a delicious chocolate cake and remembering days gone by, captured memorably in a photo-tree displaying pictures of the class from their time at ISB.
Up next was a cocktail making workshop at Legacy Lounge. Alumni were determined to leave their own legacy in the form of some very tasty cocktails! In the middle of all the heavy learning, the mixology workshop kept everyone charged and chilled. Meanwhile, kids of visiting alumni had a great time listening to dinosaur stories and painting.

Quizzes can be used as an effective training methodology to transfer learning in the shortest possible time in a fun and challenging atmosphere, even in technical training programmes. Technical training programmes run the risk of being too trainer-centred owing to the lack of reciprocity in the process comprising of lectures and demonstrations. By quizzing participants on issues related to work practices and problems, in addition to covering topics from the real tech world, a more comprehensive transfer of knowledge can be brought about. Going by this concept, the Technology SIG organised a science, technology and trivia quiz facilitated by Daman Soni, VP-Growth, MobiKwik, Class of 2005.
The interesting and insightful Design Thinking Workshop  put together by the Start-up SIG in collaboration with Gurumantra Academics Pvt Ltd   helped participants understand how to develop innovative people (customer)-centric products and services in current business scenarios and economic contexts. 

Dean Rajendra Srivastava addressed the ISB community at a packed house and shared updates on the School's vision. This session gave everyone a chance to "know their Dean" through a series of questions and answers. 

For the workshop on leadership development, the Human Capital SIG engaged Steps Drama, a UK-based company,  to create scenarios that addressed different aspects of leadership in the workplace, such as the difference between leadership and management and some best leadership behaviours and practices.  The knowledge and expertise of the facilitators and their theatre techniques were highly effective in engaging participants in the session and encouraging them to explore and debate complex and challenging issues.

The ISB for Good SIG helped put together the Go Green – Organic Farming workshop conducted by Somveer Anand, Founder, Pindfresh, Class of 2007. He promoted the practice of "growing your own food at home" as a simple and hassle-free activity.
'Hmm, Acha, Theek Hai!' was the line of the evening, thanks to the stand-up comedy act by Zakir Khan that had everyone in splits. Soft Indie Pop by the well-known band, Lagori, ended Equinox 2017 on the perfect note — one of joy, celebration, and togetherness. 

On Sunday, the Dean announced the class gifts of 2016 and 2017. The importance of leaving a legacy and giving back to the School reverberated in everyone's mind as more than 150 alumni and current students gathered to witness this moment.  Kudos to the Class of 2018 for hosting such a well planned and engaging event!

About the author:
This article has been written by
Urmi Mehta, Senior Manager, Office of Alumni Engagement at ISB and Kanika Khurana, PGP Co 2018.