Institute in Focus

Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing 

Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing at ISB's Mohali campus is a premier institute focused on building manufacturing excellence and innovation. Its  mandate is to ‘raise the level of Indian manufacturing’. MIGM has a global outlook and endeavours to design platforms that would enable middle-level management in organisations to absorb global best practices. The institute is also committed to employing innovative means to encourage students to look beyond their immediate horizon and explore long-term career goals in manufacturing.
MIGM is affiliated with MIT Sloan School of Management. There is a regular exchange of faculty, and MIT Sloan has designed the course curriculum for PGP courses supported by MIGM.  The Advanced Management Programme in Manufacturing and Operations, a prestigious one-year certificate programme, is also conducted by MIGM.

Areas of Interest

In line with its mandate of improving manufacturing in India, MIGM conducts academic and practitioner research on issues that have a significant impact on the manufacturing sector. Some projects of interest include: 
  • Industry outreach through workshops on contemporary topics
  • Manufacturing landscape for investment and policy in Punjab
  • An index for estimating the manufacturing health of the country
  • Inefficiencies in the agro-supply chain in Punjab
  • Opportunities in defence production through defence offsets
  • Impact of truck unions on manufacturing
  • Off-grid renewable energy solutions for rural India
  • Competitiveness in the aerospace and defence sector
  • Automation and robotics in manufacturing
  • Grooming of research associates for top PhD programmes
  • Aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul
  • Industry 4.0
  • A strategy for skill development in the manufacturing sector. 

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