Case Study in Focus

Reboot Systems' Refurbished Computers: A Frugal Solution for Digital Divide

Author: Raghavan, Srividya. 


In a quest to organise the unorganised secondary market for used computers, a team of three entrepreneurs attempted to develop a viable plan in a typical emerging market context. Identifying e-waste management problems and the digital divide as overarching social issues, they identified a potential market for empowering consumers through affordable access to information technology (IT) by re-harnessing the potential of used computers. In doing so, they identified emerging market characteristics through micro and macro analyses of the environment and the IT industry. Learning


The key objectives of this case are as follows:
  • To enable an understanding of the characteristics of an emerging market from macro (environmental) and micro (industry specific) perspectives.
  • To enable an appreciation of opportunity identification and improvisation in emerging markets.
  • To enable an understanding of the role of a vision and mission strategically aligned with corporate social responsibility in accomplishing social and business objectives.
  • To understand the need for frugal innovation compared to "jugaad" innovation (making do with available resources).
  • To understand how sustainability and competitive advantage can be built from a social and a business perspective.

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About the Study:

Srividya Raghavan prepared this case solely as a basis for class discussion. This case is not intended to serve as an endorsement, a source of primary data, or an illustration of effective or ineffective management. 

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