Shelf Indulgence with Prashant Pinge

Jahangir's Egg

About the Book:

Dholak Jaiswal wants his money back from Bunty, so he escapes to Fort Madhavgarh with his friend, Jai, and the girl of his dreams, Divya. When his uncle, the fort’s owner, refuses to help him, Jai decides to steal Jahangir’s Egg – but he’s not the only one. Can Bunty save the day and win over Divya?Jahangir’s Egg is a literary laugh riot in a near idyllic world, where acerbic wit and gentlemanly barbs are the weapons of choice, although the occasional threat of violence does rear its head at times. You can buy the book here.

About the Author: 

Prashant Pinge utterly disregards reality and prefers residing in 16th-century England next to the Bard’s house, where he spends his days in the company of his characters and nights taming wild dragons. He occasionally surfaces at his website


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