Shelf Indulgence with Vijay Shankar Sharma

What is Love?
Formula for all Relationships

About the Book:

Although everyone experiences love in different relationships with human beings, pets, causes or objects, no one has been able to define love in any specific definitive way.

The book What is Love? Formula for all relationships, provides a single definition and 3 specific conditions that apply to every kind of love. Not only that, one can measure it with a simple mathematical correlation between these conditions. It sounds unbelievable! Once you understand the exact conditions of love or hate, you can work on these conditions to generate more love and reduce hatred so as to have better relationships and better life. The book provides all the knowledge that exists on love and shows how inadequate and inaccurate that is. Then the book provides proof of the TAB theory presented by the author and shows its applications in relationships, business, leadership, life and virtually every human interaction. You can buy the book here.

The brief theory proposed by the author and the conditions of Love (or Hate) are also available in mobile App where the user can understand the theory easily and interact with other users. iOS App in this link. Android App is also on the way.The App is free. Only the part where the user needs to interact with others is paid upgrade. Write to if you would like a free promo code for upgrade. 

About the Author: 

Vijay S Sharma lives in Gurugram, India with his family. He has worked in the corporate world at senior-most positions for several years. Other than being a CA and an ISB alum, Vijay is an author, poet, actor and director.

Vijay is a creative thinker, with focus on finding solutions to the issues of mass interest.   Vijay says, “I believe that a heart, full of love, is the treasure most precious. That’s why, I wanted to share with the world, my insights about love, that I gained with years of observations and personal experiences. These insights will help the reader understand what exactly is love. They will also help provide answer all love related questions. That in turn will help the reader to gain and maintain loving relationships. I call the theory of Love (or hate) I propose, the TAB theory of love. The theory is simple, universally applicable to all relationships and is quantifiable. There are specific chapters about Love and Business and becoming a leader who is loved. The theory was a wide application that will help the reader reduce hatred, generate love and live a positive and loving life.” 

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