Shelf Indulgence with Shivangi Sharma

I Made a Booboo


About the Book:

Shivangi Sharma's book 'I made a booboo' is a hilarious and heartwarming account of her own experiences as a first time mother. The book captures all the moods and hues of a modern day woman having and raising a baby in a nuclear family; and the trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs she goes through while doing that. Neither a guidebook on child birth or parenting, nor a collection of baby's growth milestones - the book is centered around the mother - her thoughts, observations, realizations and goof ups. The title 'I made a booboo' signifies how she un-learnt parenting books and learnt parenting by making a million mistakes on the way. The book covers all the aspects of being a mother - the feeling of not being good enough, the forgetful mommy brain, the sleepless nights, the quibbles with husband on how to deal with the baby, the pressure to be the ideal parent as defined in books, the guilt at the idea of joining work and the outbursts of selfless love and constant, downright happiness. It is a rare book in the genre of parenting humor. You can buy the book here.

About the Author: 

Shivangi lives in Amsterdam where she works in the corporate space as a marketing manager, performs as part of a Bollywood dance group, conducts yoga and meditation workshops and sings. Together with top expat bloggers in Netherlands, she published a travel anthology titled 'Dutched up' that was featured in the Wall Street Journal. She has featured on the Dutch radio, Indian national television and in many leading Indian newspapers and online media. Her book had a successful relaunch in Amsterdam after India, where it has been a consistent sell out. She has written for Huffpost, Elephant Journal and other global platforms. 

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