The Learning Tale


Do you have some favorite stories from your childhood days? Or, tales that left a lasting impression? Stories that tell sagas of hands rocking the cradle and of hands acing the sword. Stories, wherein those simple lines, narrators have woven lessons of a lifetime.

Most of us have heard some stories that have impacted us, guided us or have shaped us up a certain way during our growing up years. Stories have ignited minds, led people to break the shackles around and experience life, beyond what the world sees and identifies.

In my opinion love for learning can be inculcated in a similar way. The idea of relating a classroom session to a life lesson might sound too ideal or naive. But the results are deeply rooted in the realms of human psychology. The impression a well-expressed tale leaves on young minds is impeccable.
I realized the importance of correlating events and stories very early in my life. The starkest details I remember from the past are due to the events that lead to them. A well explained science diagram, an interesting detail about a Nobel laureate, a story behind a trigonometric formula and many more are the reasons that those classroom sessions are imbibed in the mind.

Having taught school students myself, I have found this method extremely useful from a teacher’s perspective as well. Be it a chemical valency equation or an arithmetic progression; a story always comes in handy to ensure retention among students. Also, in hindsight, it improves their problem-solving skills as it builds upon their understanding of the topic.

Therefore, to begin with, I want to design a classroom curriculum that approaches education as a form of experience and not as a means of transfer of information. Real life experiences are by far the best source of learning. But the number of experiences an individual can live through are infinite yet limited. Stories are a perfect medium to experience life, in the retrospection. A video, a picture or a well-enacted play, a story can take many forms. But the underlying idea is to transform the way learning is imparted.

To design an entire classroom experience around a story is a challenge, and its outcome is uncertain but not bleak. I am on a lookout for a better way to shape this idea further.
 About the author:

This article has been written by Nidhi Mishra, Student from PGP Co '19.