Solstice welcomes back Class of 2004

Scene 1: Imagine yourself driving out of ISB campus, and as soon as you’re out, the car’s headlights stop working for some reason. Pitch darkness surrounds you because there’s absolutely no light on “streets” around.

Scene 2: Imagine having to walk all the way to the atrium to drop ALL your assignments because nothing could be uploaded on LMS. And then you sure can imagine the queues at the printer and people speeding past each other to meet the submission deadline.

Scene 3: Now imagine a life bereft of food delivery at ISB. Scary to say the least, isn’t it? But also, anytime (including midnight) delivery of scrumptious food from Goels, in addition to three delectable meals a day. Oh, and did someone talk about the scrumptious Sunday brunch?

This seemingly unreal world was how #LifeAtISB was for the Class of 2004. With a cohort of about 220 PGP students, 10-15 resident faculties and a massively strong support staff with a strength of 400, this happy family had a ball of a time knowing each other personally and celebrating all small and big festivals together. It was a time when dunking the birthday boy/girl, his/her quadies, study group members, and friends in the swimming pool was a tradition. “As you would guess, most of the people who joined would also land up in the pool.”, says Subramani (Subbu Rich), founder, Chairman, and MD of Richcore Lifesciences (an innovation-led biotechnology company).

Talking of Subbu, various students get known within the cohort for different reasons but he’s still famous for the most unique thing ever. He admittedly won more money from the case competitions than he paid as a fee to ISB! Preferring to keep the financial details a top secret, he only divulged that, “After preparing a business plan for the internal competition, I realized that this business plan could win. I looked up various B school events and saw that there was a lot of experience to be gained. I had no expectations from any of the events, I just used my experience of running my own business and the learnings from the first 4 terms to make a good business plan.”

“The Toddlers’ Play Area at the Rec Center was started by the SFA of Class of 04, however, the biggest legacy that we left”, says Mayura Balasubramanian, owner at Craftizen Foundation, “is ISB Leadership Summit (ILS)”. In July 2003 five club Presidents (Karthik, Subbu, Piyush, Rajeev, Anish) along with Venkatesh and Kunal, conceptualized ILS, toiled hard and brought it to fruition. The theme for ILS 2014 was – ‘Think Asia’ since the year belonged to the Asian economy.

In today’s world, we have Facebook and endless WhatsApp groups to keep up with so much that goes on in the campus. They had ‘HarBingeR’ in those days. True to its name, it was a newsletter released every term, containing major events, silly/funny pictures (read memes) and everything else that happened in that term. Oh, and did we talk about the Class of 04 Yearbook titled – Footprints? It’s a masterpiece talking about each student, his/her background, experience at ISB so far and the most hilarious ‘Alternate Profession’ which goes from Headbanging rock star to Race driver to ‘Godmother’ to quote a few.

That said, there still are some things that have passed the test of all these 15 years and are still the same. The campus (pristine as ever!), the classrooms, O-week parties, rush of first four terms, the nights spent awake for group studies or for parties, the section spirit, a good backside beating on birthdays, and most importantly, a sense of pride among its students and alumni.

Finally, what has not changed is the joy alums get from reliving the memories of those days gone by visiting the campus on Solstice. This year Solstice marks the 15th year homecoming for the Class of 04 and that path from the main gate to the main building yearns to welcome them all back again…