Shelf Indulgence with Nikita


About Surviving Business School:

When Nikita started school at ISB, little did she know what the year had in store for her? She found inspiration in the most mundane lectures, from the most eccentric people, and from some of the craziest events that define a business school. These funny observations found their way on her Facebook page ‘Nikdraws’ and started catching the interest of the ISB community.
The excitement of orientation week, the madness of placements, and the parties that follow - Nikita bring this and more to life in her illustrations. The book will make you chuckle, and all the same, leave you nostalgic about your MBA days.

About Nikita:

Nikita is an alumnus of PGP Class of 2018 from Indian School of Business.
She has dabbled several roles in her professional career- as a consultant, a portfolio specialist at a VC and now an e-commerce strategist with Flipkart.
This book is her first project as a self-taught illustrator. It received a generous response, the proceeds thereof distributed to students from low- income communities at ‘Teach for India’.