Research at ISB

Research at ISB: An enviable tale  

Article contributed by: Dr. Raghu Iyer, Director – Faculty and Research.

The Indian School of Business (ISB) has been a research-focused management institution since its inception. This focus is what differentiates us from any other Indian management education institution and strengthens our position as a thought leader. We excel in disseminating research, organising industry outreach activities and enriching the classroom experience of our students.

The research at ISB is driven by our faculty. Through their significant contributions, our faculty have played a leading role in the research output from India over the last few years. This is no mean achievement, given that ISB is a very young school and that producing world-class research requires considerable time and resources. Our faculty members have published their research in internationally top-ranked, peer-reviewed journals in diverse areas of management.

ISB’s faculty have published over 200 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals since 2005, and of these, 130 have been published in top-ranked journals. ISB published its first research paper in a top-tier journal in 2003 and has since set new benchmarks in the country with its impressive research output in leading journals in the last decade.

Significant Research Achievements

  1. ISB was rated as the most research productive management school in India by the Financial Times (FT). There has been a notable improvement in our global ranking from 75 in 2012-13 to 62 in 2015-16. We relentlessly strive to maintain our position among the top business schools in terms of research output.
  2. Last year, ISB was recognised by the prestigious University of Dallas (UTD) Top 100 Worldwide Business School Rankings Based on Research Contributions during 2011-2015. ISB ranked 96 and was the only Indian business school to feature in the Top 100 research rankings
  3. A 2016 study of premier Indian business schools by the faculty at the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University declared ISB as the leading research institution from India. According to their study, based on the dimensions of research and teaching, a clear “best vs. the rest” picture emerges with ISB as the distinct leader among Indian schools that have achieved global excellence


The ISB Research Ecosystem

At ISB, we encourage and support our faculty in both their teaching and research activities. ISB provides an environment that facilitates the generation of high-quality research which is both contemporary and rigorous. Our industry and academic associations, in addition to an opportunity to work in an emerging economy, also attract faculty and research fellows of international repute to the School. Our faculty have pursued their doctorate degrees at leading management institutions worldwide. They are highly motivated and regularly publish their research papers in top-rated journals and present their papers at prestigious international conferences. They collaborate with faculty from various global B-schools on joint research projects. Their collaborative projects and participation in international conferences ensure that they are in sync with cutting edge-research practices in their areas of research.
ISB has systematically created an environment conducive to research through our policies and focus on infrastructure to support research. Faculty goals have been aligned with ISB’s focus on research from the very beginning. We support our faculty’s research efforts by providing an ideal research ecosystem at the School (as shown in the figure below)



Supported and facilitated by this rich ecosystem, in a period of just 10 years, our faculty have published over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, held over 650 research seminars, and made 630 conference presentations of their research. This track record of research achievements is unique in India and we are extremely proud of it this year as we celebrate ISB@15!