Travel Tales - 9 Days of Game Drive in Kenya & Tanzania

9 Days of Game Drive in Kenya & Tanzania

Almost about a year ago, Sona and I went to Egypt to see the Pyramids. That was our first trip to the African continent. There was something so raw and unique about our interactions in Egypt that we told ourselves, we have to come back again. There was no better occasion than our 5 years anniversary in July to plan for 2 weeks of well-deserved romantic trip to Africa. I remember booking our tickets 6 months in advance and spending our weekends, watching documentaries of great migration and the royal cats of Africa. The excitement got out of control as we were nearing our trip, to a point that the whole world knew I was going to see the great migration!  


We spent 9 days on a roadtrip in Kenya and Tanzania followed by 4 days in Ethiopia. The experiences across Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia were drastically different and yet similar in many ways.  Read more here:

You can find some of the the pictures from the trip are below:

About the author:
The above article has been written by Akshat Jain, alumnus from PGP Co '14. The original article has been written by Sona Jain, Akshat's spouse.