DIRI Winter Camp

DIRI has initiated a unique approach to the process of research fellowship - The DIRI Winter Camp. The camp is aimed at providing a platform for the academicians to brainstorm with and learn from an eminent pool of researchers to refine their ideas for research into proposals. All aspects of theoretical and empirical research in the area of digital identity with a focus on Aadhaar are welcome. The camp would involve three phases:

Create – Instead of sharing detailed proposals, the researchers / PIs would submit the ideas they intend to work upon. The submitted ideas would be screened and the best ideas would be invited for the Winter Camp, post submission of draft proposals by the researchers.
Cultivate – The Winter Camp aims to be a rigorous 7 day workshop wherein the researchers would get an opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced research minds. 
Conclude – Post this, the researchers would work on the draft proposals and refine them to create the final proposals. The submitted proposals would be screened and evaluated by an esteemed group of faculty and researchers. The selected final proposals would qualify for funding.