Research Papers

Research Papers:

1Nandakumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa; Deuskar, Prachi"An Empirical Analysis of the Labour Market Effects of Ridesharing Platforms"2018
2Nandakumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa; Deuskar, Prachi"Angels and Crowds: Expanding Entrepreneurial Finance through Equity Crowdfunding"2018
3Nandakumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Clusterpreneurship"2018
4Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Clusterprenurship"2018
5Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Demonetisation"2018
6Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Funder - Founder Differences"2018
7Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"ITIHAASA-IT History"2018
8Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Privitization"2018
9Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Risky R&D"2018
10Nandakumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Teams and Effect on Innovation"2018
11Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Women Entrepreneurs and Selection"2018
12Nandkumar, Anand; Mani, Deepa"Women on Brands"2018
13Mani, Deepa; Desai, Amit"Global In-House Center Capability Maturity Index"2015
14Mani, Deepa; 
Banerjee, Shankhadeep 
“Smart City Maturity Model”2015
15Saurabh, Suman; Singh, Rajandeep "Mobile Marketing: New dimension of customer engagement"2014
16Langer, Nishtha; Slaughter, S.A; Mukhopadhyay T."Practical Intelligence and Project Performance in Software Offshore Outsourcing: A Field Study"2014
17Simranjeet, Sidhu; Neriyanuri, Yasasree"The e-Commerce Marketplace in India: Achieving excellence in providing consistent customer experience"2014
18Bapna, Ravi;  Langer, Nishtha; Mehra, Amit;  Gopal, Ram; Gupta Alok"Human Capital Investments and Employee Performance: An Analysis of IT Services Industry", Management Science, 59 (3), 641–6582013
19Mani, Deepa; Barua, Anitesh; Whinston B Andrew.  "Outsourcing Contracts and Equity Prices", Information Systems Research, 24 (4), 1028 – 1049 2013
20Mani, Deepa; Barua, Anitesh; Whinston B Andrew.  "An Empirical Analysis of the Contractual and Information Structures of Business Process Outsourcing Relationships", Information Systems Research, 23 (3), 618-6342012
21Bapna, Ravi; Barua, Anitesh; Mani, Deepa; Mehra, Amit"Cooperation, Coordination and Governance in Muti-Sourcing: An Agenda for Analytical and Empirical Research", Information Systems Research, 21 (4), 785-7952010
22Shrimali, Gireesh; â€‹Banerjee, Shankhadeep ; Anshuman; Singh, Deepti"Identifying the optimal mix of 3G VAS Service Bundle & Pricing Strategy for Indian Telecom Service Providers "2009
23Shrimali, Gireesh; Mohanram, Yashasvi; Sumantra, Dasgupta "The Indian Mobile Telecom Industry -A study of the regulatory and competitive environment and possible drivers for future growth"2009
24Mani, Deepa"Successful Business Process Outsourcing", MIT Sloan Management Review, 47 (2), 5-62006
25Shmueli, Galit; Jank, Wolfgang; Bapna, Ravi"Measuring Consumer Surplus on eBay: An Empirical Study" 
26Ganwar, Manish“Do Games Supplement Home Healthcare Workers in Healthy Behavior Compliance?" 
27Tanuk, Ghoshal  “Examining the Use of Mobile Apps and Social Media for Nutritional Information in India: the role of Motivation and Message Farming”  
28Arunachalam, S“Impact of Firm Initiated Technological Enablers on Engagement and Effectiveness of Village Level Entrepreneurs in Bottom of the Pyramid Markets”