The Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions (CEMS) has been set up at the Indian School of Business (ISB) with the conviction that market-based solutions exist for a large number of the developing world’s problems. This requires new products and services to be developed, proof-of-concept demonstrated, and capital made available from multiple sources. It is also important to note that the socio-economic problems of developing countries are fundamentally interlinked and cannot therefore be addressed in isolation. It is our belief that there are real market opportunities in addressing the problems of developing economies. CEMS promotes the idea that the next 800 million in India and 4 billion globally be seen not as a burden but as an opportunity.
Though CEMS has begun its work by focusing on India, its mandate is broader and stretches across emerging markets. CEMS will act as a lab where solutions to developing country problems are developed, which can be ported to other emerging markets.
CEMS takes a systems approach to economic development and focuses on six interrelated foundational elements: Small Business and Finance; Affordable Housing and Urbanisation; Education; Healthcare; Energy and Philanthropy.