Director's Message

“The Lab will be dedicated to the study of investment philosophies that have stood the test of time.” 
India’s growth in the 23 years since economic liberalisation in 1991 has been propelled by the output of its thousands of listed companies and tens of thousands of unlisted companies. As the country’s growth rate has climbed, millions have been lifted out of poverty. For this to continue, money must flow to those enterprises, large and small, public and private, where it can be put to its highest and best use.

Investment, in other words, has never been more important to development. Moreover, as its economy grows, India is gaining prominence in global affairs.

In this shifting economic climate, the newest initiative at the Indian School of Business, the  NSE-ISB Trading Laboratory, holds the potential to invigorate investment practice not only in India but around the world. The generous support of the National Stock Exchange has allowed the Indian School of Business, as part of its endeavor to constantly redefine education, to build the NSE-ISB Trading Laboratory. The laboratory believes in the dictum “invest in yourself”.  It will provide tools for self-learning and acquiring knowledge, constantly striving for intellectual stimulation and asking questions. The laboratory strives to widen horizons, aiding to connect the dots within seemingly disparate information and believes that the best investment is investing in knowledge.

The Lab’s focus will be on investing, not just trading. Investment denotes an activity undertaken over a longer time-horizon than trading, sometimes with a larger set of objectives that have a global canvas. The best companies do not confine themselves to a home-bias and adapt to capture opportunities on a global basis.

I envision the laboratory as a multi-disciplinary initiative that draws together experts in finance, accounting, economics, psychology, organisational behavior and other disciplines, and, in conjunction with the School’s existing departments and centres of excellence, advances thinking on investment, broadly in the direction of a “one world” view of investing, founded on global theory and inclusive practice.

The Laboratory is a state of the art facility constructed to enhance education and research in  investing, risk and governance. The laboratory is equipped with the latest Audio-Visual technology, high-end workstations, and subscriptions to the major financial databases, simulation and analytical applications, and publications.

We are committed to provide an innovative classroom experience with the most sophisticated financial software that have significant real-world applications so that experience in this area will help mould people who can affect change and be functional ready for the finance related profession.  The laboratory will be a platform to enrich investor education through regular executive programs, speaker sessions, conferences, training workshops and will support new initiatives on a global basis. The laboratory’s research agenda will build on its access to sources of data (such as, for example, data from Indian and Asian securities markets) and the availability of analytical expertise, with the aim of making available insights likely to be useful not only to institutional investors in India and Asia but also to institutional investors in developed markets.

With this vision, I welcome you to the NSE-ISB Trading Laboratory.