Lab Rules

While using the Trading Lab, the students are expected to strictly follow the Lab Rules. The working hours and the admin hours of the Trading Lab will be as follows:
Working hours: 8 am to 8 pm (on all LRC working days)
Admin hours: 10 am to 5 pm (Monday-Friday)
If you wish to access the Trading Lab at any time other than working hours, seek prior approval from the concerned person in the LRC/Trading Lab management.

Access Mechanism
The Trading Lab will be open to all interested learners; however, you have to adhere to certain rules and regulations of the Trading Lab. Only users who signed the ‘Declaration’ and accept terms and conditions will be provided access to the Trading Lab. You have to place an access request with LRC/Trading Lab team to activate your biometric access. Users must scan their biometric ID to enter and exit the Trading Lab.

Rules and Regulations

  • The Trading Lab may be reserved for a class session. When a class is in session, only participants who have registered for that session should use the Trading Lab facility.
  • The Trading Lab must be reserved at least a week in advance through a-mantra (for internal users) and by sending email to with the session details. The Trading Lab coordinator will revert with the availability status and/or confirmation of reservation.
  • The Trading Lab is for research, analysis and educational purposes only and not for any commercial purpose. You have to sign a ‘declaration’ to confirm non-commercial usage of the facility.
  • If you require the Trading Lab for research/analysis for a different purpose, you have to enter into an exclusive agreement with the Trading Lab at the sole discretion of the Centre for Investment.
  • The Trading Lab reserves the right to include all research papers based on the project in its working paper series with user details and respective departments. If you use the Trading Lab for doing any research, analysis for educational activity, then you should unconditionally acknowledge the NSE-ISB Trading Lab as the source of your data.
  • The Trading Lab should not be used for casual or any other purpose that can be accomplished in the regular computer lab. Use of the Trading Lab is reserved only for those who require the software that only the Trading Lab can provide.

Honour Code
The  NSE-ISB Trading Lab follows a certain Honour Code, which has to be strictly adhered to by all the students using the Trading Lab facility. The following points comprise the Honour Code:

  • You are not allowed to install any software/application in the computers. Please call ITCS for any support.
  • You should not tamper with or harm any computer or any other equipment in the Trading Lab.
  • You should maintain the confidentiality of the data/credentials made known to you by the Trading Lab and not disclose it with any other associates or third party.
  • You must log off/shut down the system before leaving the Trading Lab and should not lock the workstation.
  • You are expected to take care of your belongings and data stored in the Trading Lab.
  • You must save your data on your personal storage devices, as terminals have auto cleanup  scheduled.
  • Absolutely no intake of food and drinks will be permitted inside the Trading Lab. If found, the person would run the risk of losing his/her Trading Lab privileges.