• NSE Order Tradebook Data: This data contains information about every order entered into the exchange on any given trading day. Information is given at the smallest unit of time on which the exchange operates upon.
  • NSE Aggregate Tradebook Data: This data contains an aggregate level information about all the trades done during any given trading day at each member/security level.
  • NSE Bhavcopy Data: This data contains the Open, High, Low and Close of each security traded on the exchange on any given day.
  • Account level data of PMJDY and saving account holders from a public sector bank. The demographic information of the savers is also obtained in the data collection process.
  •  Loan data at a daily level sanctioned by eleven bank branches.
  • Business Correspondents Data: Researchers from CAF and DIRI jointly collected data on Business Correspondents from Basix –SubK. The data obtained is a transaction level data. The nature of the transaction, amount, user identification, BC for the transaction, mode, time stamp, and the status of the transaction are the variables collected during the first phase
  • CRIF Highmark Data – Collection in Process