Cases, Bang, N.P..,, Chatterji, Dhruva Raj.,Kuriyan, Vikram. "Franklin Templeton India: The Cash Holding Dilemma", Ivey Publishing, 2013Read Description >Close >Franklin Resources Inc. is one of the largest and most respected global fund houses with a presence in India. The case highlights the structure, investment process and philosophy of its fund management team in India. The case presents the specific issue of fund managers holding large amounts of cash during market downturns. There is one school of thought that attributes lower volatility and better risk-adjusted returns with high cash holdings. The other school of thought believes this approach goes against the philosophy of investment management. It believes people give money to fund managers to invest, not to hold in the form of cash. A fund should always be fully invested or nearly fully invested. The chief investment officer at Franklin Templeton India is of the second school of thought and is faced with the challenge of convincing a team of young analysts and managers of its soundness. He presents a set of data to this team and asks them to analyze performance during periods of market downturns in order to arrive at a conclusion.

CasesSakaldeepi, K.H.,Bang, N.P.,Kuriyan, V. "Note on the Mutual Fund Industry in India", 2013Read Description >Close >Issues: Mutual fund industry; history; regulations; India
Disciplines: Finance, International
Industries: Finance and Insurance
Setting: India, 2012
Length: 20 pages
Intended Audience: Undergraduate/MBA
Publication Date: March 7, 2013

This note provides an overview of the Indian mutual fund industry and compares it with other financial markets globally. Also considered are the evolution of the mutual fund industry in India and the place of mutual funds in an Indian household's typical investment portfolio. The note covers various other aspects of India’s mutual fund industry, such as the size of the industry, its main products, the major players, recent changes to mutual fund regulations and taxation.

Learning Objective:
This note is appropriate for use in the first session of a course on asset management or portfolio management in India. It can also serve as an essential reading for students who want to learn about the mutual fund industry in India.

CasesBang, N.P.,Sakaldeepi, K.H.,Thirumalai, R. "Liquidity Enhancement Schemes: A case of BSE"
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