The Club is the hub for operations interest at ISB. The Club provides a platform for the interaction of students, faculty, alumni, business leaders and researchers. Various initiatives are taken to ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge and to tackle the challenges posed globally to these sectors. Our focus is to expose the club to the latest advancements in the industry and how Operations has evolved in line with disruptive technologies such as Additive Manufacturing, Machine Learning, Analytics. We want to leverage the potential of operations management to solve problems in all conventional as well as unconventional areas. Over the years, Manufacturing and Operations Club has equipped its members with the necessary set of skills and is committed to do so through a year full of activities and events.


P2P Fridays
Sharing Industry knowledge amongst the cohort’s best and the brightest.

Friday P2P’s not only help students learn from the experiences of their batch-mates, but also cultivates confidence in club members who step up and give a session on their industry knowledge. With the massive diversity, the class of 2019 has, these sessions provide students with a taste of how each industry functions and plan their career path better.
A wide range of topics such as Supply Chain Management, Project and Product Management, Operations Consultancy, General Management are discussed in this sessions.

Alumni Session
Learn from those who can say, “Been there, done that!”
We have an exciting line up of Alumni who would share their insights with the class and guide us through making key decisions that would shape our post-ISB career. Mr. Mahesh Joshi, Co’13 and Mr. Vibin Koshy Thomas, Co’17 had shared their views on Financial Operations and Category Management roles respectively as part of Career Pathways.

Faculty Connect
Some interesting industry insights beyond Lecture Halls.
Faculty Engagement is crucial for the overall development of students into industry ready professionals. We are fortunate to have some of our faculty share their research work in the industry with us from time to time and show us how our classroom knowledge can solve a vast range of business problems and lead to innovations. The possibilities are endless.