About Us

The Manufacturing and Operations Club seeks to serve as a platform for operations management enthusiasts to interact and learn and to bridge the gap between the classroom training and the practical application. The interest segments like Operations Strategy, Logistics and Supply Chain Planning, Constraint Management, Inventory Management and many more are nurtured through Guest Lectures by Alumni and Faculty, Simulation Games, Case Competitions, Peer-to-peer learning, Training programs and Industrial Treks. The club consistently works towards equipping the cohort through updating them on latest advancements and disruptive technologies such as Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Analytics and Mobile Accessibility. Over the years, the Club has been successful in imparting the right set of skills to the cohort, preparing them for taking on all kinds of conventional and unconventional problems in the industry.


How do we operate with less than 3.4 defects per million?
Partnering with KPMG, Manufacturing and Operations club conducted a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green belt training for the students. The 32-hour interactive training session was filled with discussions about the anatomy of the LSS procedure through conceptual analysis and about the successful implementations of Lean Six Sigma in various industries. Examining the operations process improvement model of Motorola and Jack Welch’s business strategy at General Electric, the students were enlightened about the facets of LSS. The cases of Dominos, Southwest Airlines, 3M and many more were discussed to reinforce the learning. The industry expert from KPMG taught them to solve business-related problems using statistical techniques with the help of MINITAB software. The deep dive into the concepts taught the students DMAIC methodology, Value stream mapping tool, Hypothesis testing, use of Pareto’s charts and control charts. The fulfilling experience of learning the nuances of process improvement has boosted the spirits of the students. A lot more training programs to equip the cohort to face the Corporate world has also been planned.

Platform to learn from those who can say, “Been there, done that”
A long string of exciting alumni sessions has been planned for helping the cohort carve their dreams and work towards a successful post-ISB career. Mr Priyank Kanade, Co’14, and Mr Rishi Talwar, Co’12, shared their insights about career pathways in Supply chain and Operations in various sectors like the E-commerce market place, the Ports and Infrastructure sector, the third-party logistics sector and the payments and banking sector.

Can you learn better from your own peer?
P2P evenings capitalize on the vast diversity of the students at ISB. Club members from various backgrounds share their experiences and learnings to the peer group. This interaction becomes a suitable learning ground for much of the cohort. P2Ps on understanding more about Supply Chain Management and Operations management have been conducted. More sessions on General management, Project and Product Management and Operations Consultancy are also in the pipeline.

The industry can teach you more than books!
Six selected participants from the Manufacturing and Operations Club visited Homelane experience centre in Hyderabad. The students interacted with their head of operations and their head of design to understand their business model. The criticality of operations in providing a competitive advantage, and how it helps them to be one of the rare profitable tech-based start-ups were also studied. The trek clarified many doubts about how technology is used to reduce the time taken for delivery, which in turn improved profitability.