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Vrinda Sharma
Last Company: IBM India Pvt. Ltd
Experience: 8 year(s)
Function: Consulting
Description: Vrinda graduated as an engineer in Computer Sciences in 2009. After graduation, she has been an integral part of the IT industry. She worked as a software developer in initial years of her career, but since past six years, has been a part of the consulting domain. She has worked with leading consulting firms like Deloitte Consulting and now is a part of business services sector of IBM India. She has played roles of a technical and business consultant in various domains like human capital, employee relations and firm budgeting. Currently she is working for the client’s CEO office in analyzing and developing budget reports on a day to day basis, and creating optimal results using various analytical tools. Certified and earned diploma in business analytics, she has also been involved in various data analytics and reporting projects. Apart from the above mentioned professional achievements, she is also accredited with CFA Level 1. She is also passionate about world history, geo-political issues, cooking and painting.

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