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Anwar Ahmed S
Last Company: Stark Dynamics
Experience: 10 year(s)
Function: Entrepreneurship
Description: S Anwar is an entrepreneur with 10+ years’ industry experience. He lead various teams in software space for 8 years at Infosys in banking, retail, project management operations, talent management and market research domain. He has 2 years entrepreneurial experience building an enterprise platform for the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to solve the problem of counterfeit drugs and pioneering a consumer analytics platform. Anwar also heads a small consulting firm that specializes in Business Design, assisting startups and new businesses with tools and processes to enable a smooth establishment. Anwar is a Mechanical Engineer by Education, a Software Engineer by Experience, and an Entrepreneur by choice. He love all things technology the idea of connected, automated systems; where data and machines work intelligently. He loves solving complex problem using technology and clever business models, much like his enterprise platform SafeMeds™. And he loves hearing all about new tech related business ideas.

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