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Abhinav Dewan
Last Company: ExxonMobil
Experience: 11 year(s)
Function: Sales & Marketing
Description: Abhinav is an accountant, who now sells lubricants for a living. Abhinav completed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification from the United States (US) . For the past 9 years he has been working with ExxonMobil. He started out in the Controllers function of ExxonMobil’s India division in Gurgaon where his role focused on accounting and banking operations for the LNG affiliate. And later opted for a marketing (pricing)-related role with the India Lubricants division. His last role was an Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of the India Lubricants business, where he provided the CEO with actionable insights to manage the India business. In his current role as Territory Manager in the Automotive Sales division. He works closely with our distributors and their employees and to help them with their secondary sales across the Delhi NCR region. In his free time, Abhinav likes to read magazines, ride motorcycles and play football.

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