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Chinmay Deo
Last Company: Avanti Learning Centres Pvt. Ltd
Experience: 3 year(s) 8month(s)
Function: Education, Manufacturing, Operations, Social Entrepreneurship
Description: Chinmay is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Bombay and worked for 4 years before joining ISB. Chinmay spent 3 years working with Avanti - a for-profit social enterprise providing affordable education to low-income students in rural India. Chinmay headed Avanti’s pan-India operations, leading a team of 60 employees teaching 3,000+ students across 10 states. He was an early employee at Avanti, contributing in various capacities including fundraising, growth, and business development. Before Avanti, he worked with ITC in their Personal Care Products business. He also has experience in impact investing, having been a consultant for Asha Impact - a leading impact fund. At ISB, Chinmay wants to pick up business skills from the world-class faculty and diverse peer group, that he can bring back to the development sector. He is a core team member of the Net Impact Club. Outside work, he enjoys running marathons.

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