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Alladi Shravya
Last Company: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Experience: 3 year(s) 5month(s)
Function: Research & Development
Description: Shravya Alladi is a former scientist from ISRO who has worked with the central government on disaster management for more than three years. She has conceived evacuation plans using space technology and developed real-time early warning systems for floods in major flood prone areas in India. She was involved in formulating a real-time disaster relief plan for one of the most harrowing cyclone storms HudHud in Oct 2014. Her team’s efforts resulted in the evacuation of 7 lakh people, reducing the death toll to less than 100. She has also worked as a consultant to the Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Railways to carry out impact studies of their projects. Shravya has a B.Tech in Physical Sciences from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, the only university in Asia to offer undergrad courses in space science.

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