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Andrea Dsouza
Last Company: Equifax
Experience: 4 year(s) 8month(s)
Function: Information Technology, Project Management
Description: Andrea Dsouza is a Computer Engineer from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai. She has worked for nearly 5 years in the technology space prior to joining the Indian School of Business. She joined Barclays as a part of the prestigious Global Graduate Leadership Programme as a developer and went on to be a Project Manager by the end of her stint there. Post Barclays, she worked at Equifax, one of the leading credit bureaus across the globe as Project Manager where her responsibilities included managing project deliveries and development teams. She came to ISB to develop her holistic personality along with business skills and a structured thought process that are needed for management roles. She is also very interested in the social sector and plans to take up a career in this space in the long term. Here at ISB, she is the Marketing co-ordinator for the Net Impact Club and an active member of the Business Technology Club and the Toastmasters Club.

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