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Bhavin Kapoor
Last Company: MediaTek
Experience: 4 year(s) 8month(s)
Function: Account Management, Engineering
Description: Bhavin has 4.8 years of work experience in wireless electronics/semiconductor industry. After graduating from the University of Pune with a B. E in Electronics and Telecommunication, he went on to do his M. Tech from IIT, Varanasi in 2012 following which he joined as an Engineer with Qualcomm India in the LTE-IRAT 3GPP Wireless Protocol Stack team at Hyderabad and worked in the Modem Division for the Snapdragon Series Processors. Subsequently, Bhavin joined MediaTek India, in 2015, as a Senior LTE Expert in the Interoperator Development and Test Team. Since 2016, Bhavin had been responsible for managing the Reliance Jio Carrier Account for MediaTek. RJIO launched its series of LYF branded handsets in India and MediaTek Helio Processors is in the heart of many of the top selling RJIO LYF brand handsets currently out in the open market. Bhavin joined ISB to expand his skill set, and develop a business intuitive thought process through an interactive and applied learning pedagogy. He is currently a part of Business and Technology (BTC) club at ISB. Outside work, Bhavin is a keen sports enthusiast and loves exploring new countries.

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