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Arpit Gupta
Last Company: Wallem Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
Experience: 6 year(s) 3month(s)
Function: Shipping
Description: A Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science from Mumbai University, prior to joining Indian School of Business, Arpit was working with Wallem Shipmanagement in various capacities on different ships for over 5 years. Previously he was working with Essar Shipmanagemet for around 9 months. His last designation was Third officer and his primary responsibilities included navigation and cargo operations of the ship. He also handled customs clearance of the ship across various nations for quick access. He was also the designated safety officer and was responsible for training more than 40 crewmembers in safety procedures and emergency preparedness during his tenure at Wallem. He joined ISB to expand his horizon and gain business understanding in order to leverage his experience for a successful future. He is currently a part of Manufacturing and Operations club and Retail and E-commerce club at ISB.

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