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Anwesha Dhar
Last Company: Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation
Experience: 4 year(s) 8month(s)
Function: Field Development - Upstream Oil & Gas
Description: A Bachelor of Technology in Petroleum Engineering, prior to joining Indian School of Business, Anwesha Dhar was working with Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation over 4. At GSPC she was working modelling hydrocarbon reservoirs and on the planning of unconventional hydrocarbon exploration projects. During the 4 years at her job she realised the importance of knowledge about the business aspects of an exploration project. She realised that strategy, economics, operational optimization and a knowledge of statistics play an important role in the successful planning of a project. She joined ISB to not only learn about these key subjects, but also for a holistic development that would help her be a future leader. At ISB she is a part of the Energy club where she not only learns about the other important aspects of the ever evolving Energy industry, but also contributes about her domain of expertise. She plans to get into Strategy Consulting post ISB.

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