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Gopi Krishna Lakkepuram
Last Company: Microsoft Corporation
Experience: 10 year(s) 7month(s)
Function: IT Services, Product Development & Delivery
Description: Before joining ISB, Gopi was working with Microsoft USA as a Senior Software Engineer. A hardcore techie, he started off as an intern with Microsoft India after graduating as a B.E in Computer Science from Osmania University. He worked for close to 5 years with Microsoft India before moving to the US Head Quarters. He has worked for close to 6 years at Microsoft, USA, before relocating back to India to join the Indian School of Business. He joined ISB to supplement his deep technical expertise with business management skills and is looking forward to establishing a venture of his own. Gopi is the right person to get in touch with if you're willing to take a leap of faith and invest into moving back to India or are a technology expert considering an MBA. Gopi is also currently a member of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EVC) and Business and Technology (BTC) clubs at ISB.

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