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Aishwarya Ajay
Last Company: Tecnics Integration Technologies
Experience: 2 year(s)
Function: Corporate Strategy, General Management
Description: Aishwarya Ajay is a Graduate in Computer Science from Purdue University, USA. She also holds an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Purdue. An enterprising, multi-lingual extrovert - within the span of two years, she was elevated to the position of Head- Branding & Innovation at Tecnics Integration Technologies prior to joining ISB – leading product ideation cycles, creative branding strategies, product development & market launch cycles and coordinating marketing operations for various products of Tecnics, across multiple geographies. At ISB, Aishwarya has continued her passion for marketing, strategy and people management, by picking up the role of Admissions Coordinator and by opting to specialize in both Strategy & Leadership and Marketing.

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