Jaydeep Nair

Director, Finance and Governance Council
Financial Analysis and due diligence
Work Experience 
9 year 9 months
Previous Company 
Bank of America
Professional Interests 
Transaction advisory and due diligence
Other Interests 
Poker and Food
Why PGP? Why ISB?
After working for almost for 10 years, I felt like my career had somewhat plateaued; motivation levels were falling. Going back to academia was planned to help me overcome this challenge. ISB's 1-year PGP seemed like a perfect fit because of its comprehensive learning model, global popularity, short duration and diversity of alumni.
What are your responsibilities and focus areas this year?
This year's objective is to identify the next stage of my career by gaining a good understanding of various functional and industrial expertise that one can build. I look forward to interacting with my diverse set of peers as well as exploring the various courses offered by ISB in this endeavor.
What is it that you want to learn and become more proficient at during your stay at the ISB?
Apart from building good insights into functions other than what my career so far has afforded me, on a personal development front, I will focus on improving skills such as networking, effective planning, multi-tasking, and prioritizing.
What suggestions would you like to give to a prospective student about ISB?
Unlike other schools, ISB's focus is on all round development - building the academic base and applying it to real life scenarios. At the end of the year at ISB, one should ideally be able showcase a rich profile reflecting pursuits in event participation, management of clubs and student councils, initiatives taken during the year, and finally of course, academic performance. Don't think of ISB as another platform for academic competition; rather think of it as a platform for extensive collaboration.