Manish Lalwani

Director, Finance and Governance Council
Consulting & Analytics
Work Experience 
3 Years 10 Months
Previous Company 
Aspect Ratio – Merck & Co’s center of excellence for forecasting and Analytics
Professional Interests 
Data Analytics, Forecasting, Healthcare Sales and Marketing
Other Interests 
Standup enthusiast, Writer
With a Bachelor of Engineering in Production and Industrial engineering degree from NIT-Bhopal, I started working with ZS Associates after which I moved to Aspect Ratio - Merck pharmaceutical’s center of Excellence for Analytics and Forecasting.  Having been exposed to data analytics at my work place for four years, I joined ISB to expand my horizon, and develop a business intuitive thought process by fraternizing with the students and faculty at ISB to discuss transformative thoughts and add value to the discourse.
"As Director of Finance and Governance council of the Graduate Student Board at ISB, I am responsible for managing the Graduate Student Body Fund for knowledge development and social activities.
Focus area this year is to get a formal governance system in place and have periodic performance evaluation of all professional and social clubs on campus to ensure maximum industry and function specific knowledge building activities for the student body.
Shadow a CEO is another focus area, where a few students will get the opportunity to spend a day with the CEOs of their choice, while also contributing to charity for a social outreach program."
What is it that you want to learn and become more proficient at during your stay at the ISB?
During my year at ISB, I intend to create a strong foundation of core management concepts, and apply these in my choice of specialization and real world scenarios ahead. I also want to observe and learn from the amazing plethora of skills my classmates come with, and make many new lifelong friends.
What suggestions would you like to give to a prospective student about ISB?
"ISB gives you a plethora of resources, be it academics, sports or an amazing cohort to network with. Use them extensively. The thing I will miss most after ISB will be spending more time with this amazing cohort. While academics are an important aspect at ISB, spend more time with your friends, say Yes to that trip your friends planned, go out for dinners and don’t miss out on small things."