Pulkit Chhabra

Director, Alumni Affairs Council
Work Experience 
1 Years 10 Months
Previous Company 
Professional Interests 
Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Other Interests 
Sports, Travel and Music

Why PGP? Why ISB?
The PGP in Management at ISB was a perfect fit and provided me the opportunity for condensed learning, helping me get back to the corporate world within just a year, equipped with the necessary skill set to manage bigger assignments and projects and to grow in my career. ISB's world-class faculty, diverse peer group and the state of the art infrastructure - all of this packaged in just one year, was a lucrative proposition. Also, I wanted to do my MBA in India and hence, ISB naturally was the best choice.
As Director, Alumni Affairs Council (ALC), my primary responsibility is to promote, facilitate and develop stewardship for meaningful relationships between alumni and students. My team and I enable the class to leverage the expertise of the 8500+ strong ISB alumni community. The responsibilities of the Alumni Affairs Council are broadly classified into 3 buckets:
1. Learning Activities: We organize and manage CXO-level speaker sessions, 1-to-1 Alumni mentorship program for the students, Alumni Webinars, Video Blogs and a quarterly newsletter.
2. Networking Activities: We manage and promote the Alumni portal and also organize alumni networking sessions at the school and the student home cities during term breaks
3. Celebration Activities: We have a dedicated team for our Annual Alumni Reunion – Solstice. It is among the biggest events during the year with 1000+ alumni visiting campus.
Apart from these activities, we also enable and support all professional clubs with their learning and development activities with Alumni.

My primary focus area for this year is to improve and enhance the alumni engagement in terms of both quantity and quality - getting more alumni to engage more often with the current students and amongst the alumni community through meaningful and mutually beneficial interactions. Another focus area is building the ISB Alumni brand on Social Media.

What is it that you want to learn and become more proficient at during your stay at the ISB?
At ISB, I want to get a good understanding of the different facets of business ranging from Operations, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, etc. and get a birds eye view of how these functions work together to make a successful and a profitable company. Along with the hard skills and the tools of formal business education I wish to further hone my soft skills which is equally important to be a successful leader.

Being part of the Graduate Student Board and leading the Alumni Affairs Council with a team of 50+ classmates has given me the platform to enhance my leadership and people management skills. Furthermore, interacting with such a diverse cohort on a day to day basis provides an opportunity to learn from my classmates. Every student at ISB is an achiever and there is a lot one can learn outside classrooms as well.

What suggestions would you like to give to a prospective student about ISB?
ISB is an experience of a lifetime. It is a 2-year course packed into 1 year. Even though it would it one of my most demanding years of your life, the world-class professors, the extremely diverse peer group and the amazing academic curriculum will provide you with an outstanding experience. The one-year course at ISB is fast paced with so many things happening on campus every day that sometimes it may get very overwhelming. Be proactive, but also have a clear perspective of what you want to accomplish at the ISB and prioritise well. Above all, this may be the last time you are attending college. Make the best use of this one year. Make new friends, study hard and party harder and you will cherish this one year of your life forever.