Benefits of Sponsorship

There are several benefits of sponsorship for the employer as well as for the employee.

Benefit to employers:

  • Retain and motivate high performing employees – reduces cost of hiring, training and lost productivity during the learning phase for new employee.
  • Upgrade skills of high performing employees to enable greater performance in senior roles.
  • Improve attraction of new talent since a sponsorship policy signals organisation’s commitment to individual employee’s growth.
  • Employees participate in the programme while continuing to work and hence they are able to immediately apply what they have learned in the classroom within their organisations.
  • Sponsorship can be used to reward exceptional performance and target employees for career advancement increasing employee loyalty.

Benefits to employees:

  • The programme is specifically designed for senior executives to help them boost their contribution to the organisation’s growth.
  • Easily upgrade skills to perform better in the new roles which will help accelerate their growth and performance in the organisation.
  • Employees can signal commitment to the current organisation, which is a critical factor in today’s competitive environment.
  • Solve the challenge of time away from work and the financial cost of education.