Sponsorship Procedure

Employees can revitalise management by applying the strategies and insights they learn in the programme so sponsoring an employee to the programme can be very beneficial to the company. Here are details on sponsorship:

  • The sponsored employees must undergo the usual selection process.
  • A sponsorship commitment provides an additional input to the programme office indicating that the employee is a high performer and is valued by his/her employer.
  • To sponsor an employee, a letter of support needs to be sent to the PGPMAX Office. The format of the letter of support can be downloaded from the application portal.
  • The letter of support can be submitted either with the application for admission by the applicant or after the applicant has been admitted into the programme.
  • It is advisable to submit this letter of support along with the application material, as it signals the employer’s faith in the competence of the sponsored employee.
  • To discuss this further, or to obtain a copy of our brochure, please contact our Programme Office