Elective Courses - Marketing

Marketing Services
While the title of the course is Marketing of Services, the content of the course pertains more broadly to service strategies and leadership, and how (and whether) world-class service firms need to be built any differently from product firms. The overall purpose of this course is to try to challenge and shatter our intuitions and previous learning about (i) what services are, (ii) how service organizations should be managed, (iii) how services should be created, transformed, and destroyed, and (iv) how the marketing of services needs to dovetail with other strategic choices. In order to accomplish these goals, we will critically evaluate every service marketing/management model and also build a new, contrarian, model of a modern service system.
New Product Development & Marketing
This course is targeted at students interested in product development, product management, consulting, and marketing management areas. It would be particularly useful for students intending to start their own business. The course's primary focus is on the strategic marketing issues related to new product development and marketing. It takes an integrative view of marketing. Overall, the course aims to change the way students think and evaluate new product development opportunity by systematically questioning and analyzing important steps in the product development and marketing process.
Pricing & Distribution/Business Models
The fundamental role of pricing is to convert the value created by firm's offering, be a product or service, in to revenue and profits. In today's highly interconnected world regardless of how innovative, useful, or high quality, firm's products are, their profitability depends critically on how those products are priced. Price setting is probably the most crucial of all marketing mix decisions. This course will introduce you to some of the key concepts and strategic alternatives that are available for pricing decisions. The goal is to help you understand the basic tradeoffs in pricing decision. The course will expose you to frameworks and analytical foundation for designing a profitable pricing policy. This course will use a combination of lectures, examples, cases and in class exercises to enhance your grasp of various pricing options.
Customer Behaviour & Branding
Can we even count the number of brands that we interact with on a daily basis? When we wake up from our branded bed (maybe Norrwood Blonde by Zansaar) and bedsheet (Bombay Dyeing or Raymonds) and use a Colgate toothbrush/paste and mouth wash by Listerine, and so on and on till we get back to flossing at night with Colgate, we are surrounded by brands. We see them on billboards, on TV, on the newspaper, on FB, on web pages till we get saturated! Maybe we stop noticing them at some point. Do we? If so, how can brands stand out? How can they differentiate themselves? How can they grow? These are all very relevant questions for anyone working in the business world. This course is intended for students interested in learning how to build, measure, manage, and leverage brand equity.