Team - Hyderabad
Swagnik has been an engineer by profession but a photographer by passion. Photography to him is a way of reflecting on life, a 'pause button' on an otherwise hectic life. Swagnik holds a Diploma in Photography from Chhayapath, Calcutta and had previously headed TCS Maitree Photography Club-Calcutta Chapter. His photographs have been published in national dailies and magazines and have also been selected for book covers under Penguin India Publications.
Swagnik loves street, landscape, and travel photography.
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Vice President
An Auto Buff at heart, he was an Automobile Development and Test Engineer. He loves to drive and travel, and thus photography became an inseparable component of his life. An amateur blogger, he is a part of the Team BHP forum. He is also a regular contributor to NatGeo Your Shot Section.
He loves eating & teaching and thus has an insatiable hunger to eat & learn.

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