The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management is one of the four institutes within the ISB umbrella and was set up with the objective of developing management capacity for the infrastructure sector. It seeks to do so through a multi-pronged set of activities comprising Education, Research and Outreach. Education would involve long and short term courses of a very high quality. Research will involve an examination of the key problems facing the industry and finding solutions to them. It will also seek to inform public policy and contribute to the national development effort. Outreach will seek to make the results of its research known to all as also seek to convene industry stake-holders to a common forum to discuss and resolve key issues faced by the industry.

The Institute leverages the in-house faculty at ISB as well as the expertise that resides in ISB's global partners. In addition it has a panel of experts and practitioners that it draws upon from time to time.

The Institute has an advisory council chaired by Mr.Atul Punj, Chairman of the Punj Lloyd Group. It also includes several eminent members whose guidance is invaluable for the activities of the Institute.