AMPI Residency 3

Residency 3

The third residency was held from 01 – 09 October 2016. The courses taught were Strategic Thinking and Scenario Planning by Dr OP Agarwal, Infrastructure Finance II by Mr Athar Shahab and Mr Rohit Chandak and Procuring Public Private Partnership by Mr Pradeep Singh.

Four guest lectures were held during the residency, which included eminent personalities from the Infrastructure Industry, Mr Raghav Chandra, Chairman, National Highway Authority of India, Mr Paritosh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, Mr JM Balamurugan, Chief Executive Officer- PMIDC and Mr Sameer Godbole, Chief Financial Officer, Nabha Power Limited. The guest lectures were appreciated by the participants and benefitted them immensely.

Apart from the class room interactions the students were taken for a site visit to Nabha Power Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of engineering and construction firm L&T. where they had the opportunity to see one of the country’s most well-known Thermal Power Projects.