Advanced Management Programme For Infrastructure

Advanced Management Programme For Infrastructure
About the Programme
There is a huge emphasis on infrastructure India, Africa and other Asian countries.For example,nearly INR 39 Lakh crores is expected to be invested in urban infrastructure,in the next 20 years.In the coming years,the industry needs good leaders who can undersatnd the multidisciplinary challanges of the sector and dive the nation into future.To fulfil that pipeline,mid-career professionlas in the industry need to be equipped with the necessary skills and competencies related to multiple disciplines: Strategic Planning,Fianance,Economics,Law,Social and Enviromental Issues,Pubic Policy and other subjects.This needs a structured programme of learning.Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure(AMPI) is designed to cater to precisely this need.

Key  Learning Takeaways
The programme focuses on building leaders in the sector by addressing the following capability requirements in participants.
  • Build Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Learning the ability to manage change
  • Develop business acumen and adopt an itergrative approach to decision making
  • Adopting a scientific,data-driven approach to resolving business risks
  • Recognise emerging trends in the Real Estate and Infrastructure industry and be prepared to leverage them for one's organisation
  • Experiential learning through team-based solving of a real-life problem
  • Learn specifics about the digital transformation of the infrastructure business
  • Developing a strategic outlook for the management of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Acquiring an understanding of the infrastructure ecosystem