Advanced Management Programme in Infrastructure

Advanced Management Programme in Infrastructure
About the Programme
There is a huge emphasis on infrastructure India, Africa and other Asian countries, and in the next few years, the industry needs good leaders who can understand the multi-disciplinary challenges of the sector and drive the nation into the future. To fulfil that pipeline, mid-career professionals in the industry need to be equipped with the necessary skills and competencies relating to multiple disciplines such as strategiAc planning, finance, economics, law, social and environmental issues, public policy, etc. This needs a structured program of learning. However, there are only a few educational programmes to develop leadership in infrastructure management, and the few that do exist are not designed to cater to the special needs of mid-career professionals. On the other hand, international programmes are very expensive, and lack an Indian / emerging markets focus. It is to address this market gap that the Executive Programme for Advanced Management Programme in Infrastructure is being designed.

The one-year programme will be delivered in the part-time blended learning format with classroom residences once in three months, interspersed with online learning sessions and self-study material. This format will obviate the need for participants to give up their current jobs or be away from their families for very long.

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Who should attend / Eligibility criteria
The programme is targeted at mid-career professionals in the infrastructure who are likely to, or are aspiring to, occupy leadership positions in the industry. Specifically, the programme targets individuals with 7 - 20  years of experience in the private sector, public sector, government sector, civil society and national and international agencies who are involved in building, shaping and driving the infrastructure requirements of their country. Individual consultants, engineers and builders may also benefit from the multi-dimensional, general managerial focus of the programme.

Key takeaways
The programme focuses on building leaders in the sector by addressing the following capability requirements in participants.
  • Envisioning the future and developing strategic plans
  • Understanding multiple disciplines and their linkages
  • Handling multidisciplinary teams
  • Coordinating effectively and securing outcomes
  • Dealing with uncertainty and risks
  • Communicating, advocating, marketing and negotiating effectively
  • Working in a competitive market rather than just managing a monopolistic enterprise
  • Innovating to build the nation
Some of the topics that the programme would specifically cover include Strategic Planning, Infrastructure Economics, Project Preparation & Monitoring, Contract Management, Public Private Partnerships, Risk Management, Legal Issues, General Management, Financial Management and People Management.

The programme will also include live projects and an exposure visit to enable participants to connect the dots and see the practical application of their classroom learnings.

The programme will be taught by a combination of globally renowned faculty from the ISB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the World Bank and other educational and capacity-building institutions, both from India and abroad. Experienced industry practitioners, both from within India and from other countries, will be regularly invited for guest lectures to share practical perspectives and live examples.

Programme fee, dates and venue
The programme is still under development, and the details will be shared shortly. For more information, please visit 

Any other important information you may want to include
  • The programme will offer scholarships to high-potential managers.
  • Corporates are invited to share their live projects and gain from students working on those projects.