Executive Director's Message

Given the huge emphasis on infrastructure in India, the industry needs good leaders who can understand the multi-disciplinary challenges of the sector and drive the nation into the future. The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management seeks to fulfill this need. It seeks to emerge as the "Go To" place for any information or advise on infrastructure matters. It will do so by forging strong links with the Government, the industry, the academic community and other stakeholders.

Sustainability - environmental, social and economic, is a key concern in infrastructure development today. The threat of "Global Warming", and ways to mitigate this threat, is engaging leaders from around the world. Ensuring equitable growth is the prime goal of several development institutions. Ensuring gender equality is becoming increasingly important. The Institute will seek to mainstream these concerns in all its work.

While our goals are ambitious, we are determined to succeed in our efforts. We are fortunate to have a distinguished advisory committee and an internationally renowned academic committee to guide our efforts. With their support, the Institute will design and offer high quality learning programs. It will also undertake contextual research with the support of its team, ISB's globally acknowledged faculty, both resident and visiting as well as a panel of experts. A strong outreach program will be launched to support the infrastructure industry and the efforts of the Government.

In undertaking these tasks, we will benefit immensely from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, our partners in this effort. We will also seek to forge partnerships with other leading institutions in the infrastructure space, such as the World Bank.