Speaker Sessions
  1. Mr. Srivatsa Krishna (IAS, CEO, Coffee Board of India),
  2. Mr. Andrew Ayre (British Deputy High Commissioner)
  3. Dr. Amir Ullah Khan (Sr. Policy Advisor at BMGF)
  4. Prof. Rodney Ramcharan (Fellow and Former Chief of Systemic Financial Institutions at the US Federal Reserve Board, Former Economist at IMF)
  5. Dr. Prajapati Trivedi (Senior Fellow (Governance) at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy)
  6. Mr Amit Dasgupta (Diplomat, Ministry of External Affairs)
    Mr Dasgupta started his talk with his experiences with the Ministry of External Affairs as a professional diplomat, then went on to talk about India’s soft power and its implications in the current global context. He then discussed on China’s rising hegemony, about the BRI initiative, the Sri Lankan episode, and how Nepal’s relations with India are currently strained. Then he gave detailed accounts on a hostage situation which he negotiated, he talked about the massacre of the royal family of Nepal, his conversations with Nelson Mandela and about his dealings in Geneva.
    The discussion was highly interactive, and the participates were in awe as he went on to describe a lot of interesting information that many of us did not know.
  7. Mr Skand Tayal, IFS (Former Ambassador to the Republic of Korea)
  8. Mr Ganesh Maruvada (PoliticalEDGE)
GST Summit was held on 1st July, date of GST launch in India, where we had the following speakers: Prof. K Subramanian (Member of SEBI), Mr. S. Thirumalai (Former Partner at Deloitte and Advisor to Telangana Government).

Policy Debate - What 7.1% growth means for India - Is India's fastest good enough?

Baithak – We had an intensive discussion session on the topic “Is India becoming a fascist country”, where each participant had very interesting insights to offer. The debate went on till midnight, which showed the passion of the students who had attended the discussion event.

Budget Session with NDTV – While Nirmala Sitharaman gave her maiden Budget in the Parliament, the students of Public Policy Club, ISB spoke about their expectations from the Budget on NDTV in a detailed manner. Professors Bhagwan Chowdhry and Prof Prasanna Tantri also gave their views on the Budget.