Public Policy Club organises speaker sessions, alumni interactions, workshops and seminars to provide industry and functional exposure to students. The club aims to create a learning environment and enhance the skill sets of the students in the area of their interest. 

During 17-18, we have had the following events -

Speaker Sessions
1) Mr. Srivatsa Krishna (IAS, CEO, Coffee Board of India),
2) Mr. Andrew Ayre (British Deputy High Commissioner)
3) Dr. Amir Ullah Khan (Sr. Policy Advisor at BMGF)
4) Prof. Rodney Ramcharan (Fellow and Former Chief of Systemic Financial Institutions at the US Federal Reserve Board, Former Economist at IMF)
5) Dr. Prajapati Trivedi (Senior Fellow (Governance) at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy)

1) GST Summit was held on 1st July, date of GST launch in India, where we had the following speakers -
a) Prof. K Subramanian (Member of SEBI)
b) Mr. S. Thirumalai (Former Partner at Deloitte and Advisor to Telangana Government).
2) Policy Debate - What 7.1% growth means for India - Is India's fastest good enough?